#RacismInSG – Another Racist Remarks – Eve Tan – Unknown

This was dated on 19 September. Couldn’t get her profile. Do comment and feedback if anyone does know who she was and she is from / what she does.

*** Updates 2012 10 09 ***

So whats going on here with Eve Tan, didnt she learn the lesson from Amy Cheong of whats the aftermath of racist preach.

Here Profile



10 thoughts on “#RacismInSG – Another Racist Remarks – Eve Tan – Unknown”

  1. Don't bother knowing who Eve Tan is. She doesn't deserve the curiosity. She's just merely making a sweeping generalisation perhaps because she lacks social interaction with a good number of the mainstream Malays, or lack the effort to know more about other ethnic groups who make up Singapore or perhaps she might have some unresolved issues that connected to some kind of unhappy events in her life that had carved the sort of stereotype and prejudice she has now.

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  3. i think its okay if she can prove what she said in statistics or something.. if she can quote from reliable sources… then what she said will be facts/ trends which malays must improve on?
    if she is purely speaking from her own mindset then its really racist

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