Iphone 5 vs Samsung S3 / Samsung SIII

I wonder, is Iphone 5 will really be a hit as much as it used to be when it was the most feature riched smart phone to ever hit the market back in January 9 2007 or is Iphone is simply going downhill with its not so competitive specs as compared to whats available on the market in terms of hardware & features that Android has obviously took and gain significant advancement.

And remember, there is no Google maps in Iphone 5. It is using Apple Map which definitely has alot to catch up with Google’s Map. See the comparison here.

Last but not least, there are rumours around that Samsung & HTC are suing Apple for using LTE on their new Iphone 5.


It will be interesting to see all the Apple fanboys who will try to create a hype of how good Iphone is despite all the previous manufacture and hardware problems they were facing.

Iphone 4 -> Top Four Iphone 4 hardware problem

Iphone 4s -> 10 Issues Apple doesnt want you to know


Read up on the links available and need not to say more. There is nothing significant about Iphone 5 and if you would like to boast about how cool is IOS 6 – well guess what, it will be roll out to other iDevices soon.



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