“Letter To Singapore” By Zing

A quote from 20 year old Singaporean in his/her blog post

I’m 20 years old and I don’t want to be jaded, but you’re already feeding me defeatism and banality as a lifestyle choice. I want to be more than an office drone. I want to be more than my salary. You need to dream big to be big, Singapore. I looked into your dreams one night and they were full of dollar signs. They were full of people getting by on their Mercedes, their two maids, their country club membership. Getting by and not living. Getting but not achieving. Buying and selling but not giving. I d reamed we went to a Club Med on holiday, and I told the receptionist, “You live in a beautiful country,” and she replied, “You don’t live here.” That night, I said, “I wish we’d gone somewhere else.” You said, “Like where? All the places you want to go are dirty, no air-con.”

That alone speaks the truth of what is really going on here in Singapore. Read More here ..



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