Racist Remarks By Adelynn Hosehbo

Adelynn Hosehbo Facebook Page

Adelynn Hosehbo Facebook Profile

Her publicized details taken from facebook:
Adelyn, 15 this year (2012) Anything can whatsapp me at 9016-7452.
Lives in Singapore, Singapore
Born on July 2, 1993
Knows Chinese, English

It is very sad to see such youngsters who doesnt appreciate the harmony of living in a multi-racial country yet trying to stir much attention in a very wrong way. She needs much history lessons to help her realize that Singapore was Temasek and is in the Malay Archipelago. What a pity.

Thanks to our fellow FBian Muhammad Salahudin for bringing this to light. Adelynn seems to enjoy all the negative spotlight, wonder if she will get away this time?

Oh, she is from Marsling Secondary. Wonder what kind of culture is in that school for having such a foul mouth and a pea brain student like her.

Oh wait, there is actually more about her. One of our fellow FBian reminds us that she is one of those girls who was proud slapping her mother.

Credits to Eddy Bear (Facebook) for the useful reference

Stomp – Pai Kia Boast for slapping her mother.

Stomp – Pai Kia also boasted stealing 10K from her mum

I say dont let this little brat get away with it. The authorities should step in and send a warning to the rest that such racial provocation shall not be tolerated regardless of age! Please share this post!



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