Taxes to Rise in Singapore?

For those who might have missed the National Day Rally speech by the PM, here is the official documented speech.

Here is a quote from YahooSG News :

“Our society is ageing, we will have more aged people, and we want to take better care of the disadvantaged and disabled,” he told reporters. “Just by numbers alone, even if you spend the same amount, social spending has to increase.”

While here is my favourite comment by fellow Yahoo reader:

“You guys(garments) should have salaries like most citizens for at least 3 years and feel what kind of lives and living standards we are having before you open your loud mouth to ask for more taxes !!!” – Jamn

Just food for thought – remember when they wanted to introduce the ERP, raise CPF contribution, etc.

For the pro-PAP supporter here is his rational (fellow Yahoo reader too):

“this is thanks to anti PAP people!!! all your complaining has led to this wanting to increase social spending so much that taxes will increase!!! just work hard and stop hankering after the govt for money! (this is not directed at people who actually deserve and need assistance, btw. this is directed at the greedy complainers in our midst)” – Gerald

I am very keen to see how soon will this increment kicks in and how it will affect the votes they got from the people in the coming years.

Taxes must rise for social spending to increase_ Ng Eng Hen – Yahoo! News Singapore





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