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03rd Feb 2016
seagate class action lawsuit

Seagate class action lawsuit over defective hard drives

Seagate class action lawsuit over defective hard drives Consumers aren’t happy with the reliability of Seagate’s hard drives, filing a class-action lawsuit against the company in the U.S. District Court...

03rd Feb 2016
Solus Project Linux

Linux Desktop Environment – LXDE vs XFCE vs Unity vs Gnome

Desktop Environment for Linux In Linux, there are so many choices, and this includes the desktop environments and window managers. The most popular desktop environments in Linux areGNOME, Unity, Cinnamon, MATE, KDE,...

30th Jan 2016
how much a webcam girl earns?

How much a webcam girl earns? Some reportedly racks up to USD1million a year!

How much a webcam girl earns? How much a web cam girl earns? Official reports and surveys mentioned that they can potentially rack up to USD1million a year. So, if...

30th Jan 2016
cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists

Cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists (UUID)

cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists Today I decided to move my vdi files to another partition. I get something like – cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists...

25th Jan 2016
optimizing wordpress speed

Optimizing WordPress Speed & Performance

Optimizing WordPress Speed & Performance Here is my quick tip to optimize your wordpress speed and performance on any linux virtual (VPS) / dedicated servers. I also used several SEO...

24th Jan 2016

Ubuntu usb persistent more than 4gb

The current Unix USB Installers (e.g. LinuxPenDrive) create a persistent file on the boot partition together with the other files needed for booting. This boot partition is formatted with FAT32...

24th Jan 2016

WordPress Performance Tweaking

Updating WordPress Performance Vanilla WordPress performance isn’t great, each page has to be generated via PHP per view, which soon starts to bog your server down under load. Fortunately there...

22nd Jan 2016
amazon recalls exploding hoverboards

Made In China: Exploding Hoverboards

Exploding Hoverboard Pretty cool to own a hoverboard until it explode in your face. As reports of exploding hoverboards continue to mount, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is continuing...

18th Jan 2016
Rocko World Tallest Dog

Meet Rocko – World Tallest Dog

Meet Rocko World Tallest Dog The owner believes that Rocko is a half horse!

18th Jan 2016
top richest people

Super-rich: 62 people own as much as half the world

62 super rich people Watch the video. This is why in Islam, it is one of the most important pillars in Islam that you do Zakat / Fitrah, to distribute...

18th Jan 2016
Solus Project Linux

Solus Project: No Longer Just A Chrome OS Alternative

Figure 1: Raven displaying the Calendar applet. Months ago, I covered Solus Project as an alternative to Chrome OS. It made sense, as the Budgie desktop environment resembled the Chrome OS UI...

How To Be Millionaire By 30

Interesting article to read, something that you realize that it makes sense. After reading what’s written below, pretty sure you wonder where to start. Check out the Etoro (Free USD100...

17th Dec 2015

SQL Server 2014 Express Editions

   On April 1st, Microsoft made SQL Server 2014 generally available to the public. This included not only the main SQL Server 2014 Standard, Business Intelligence, Web, and Enterprise editions...

22nd Nov 2015

Lost & Found Situation Trans-Cab Taxi

Taxi companies can track their drives base on a few information that is logged on their system I did not know this, maybe some others might not too. I accidentally...

16th Nov 2015

Dear Human ᴴᴰ ┇ Thought Provoking ┇ The Daily Reminder ┇


16th Nov 2015
Muslim rebel

Did Prophet Muhammad Warn Us of ISIS?

  In separate attacks last week, ISIS terrorists killed 39 tourists at a beach resort in Tunisia, and close to 30 worshipers at a Shia Mosque in Kuwait. The onslaught...

01st Nov 2015
2015-10-26 06.35.28

Singapore 2016 Long Weekends / Holidays Dates

Singapore 2016 Vacation Guides, Holiday Dates, Long Weekend Dates.

28th Oct 2015
Image 1

Delusional filipina author writes about dating pinays on

She wrote an article titled “5 Crucial Facts You Need To Know About Dating A Filipina” on that caught my attention while browsing through that site. Let me just...

The 48 Laws Of Power – With Animated Video Summary

48 Law Of Power – probably one of the best book i have ever read, thanks to my buddy Zahid for introducing the book to me. Check it out, probably...

18th Oct 2015
cool ways to tie your shoe

Cool ways to tie your shoe

Pretty cool ways to tie your shoe. Watch it