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17th Apr 2014

No To Philippines Independence Day At Ngee Ann City, Yes If Its Held In Public Parks Instead

Video Description: This is a participation of the Tau Gamma Phi Northeast Triskelions at the 2010 Philippine Independence Day Celebration held in New York City, New York. TO PIDCS, As...

15th Apr 2014

Hidden / Secret Skype Emoticons 2014

Hidden Skype smileys Are you ready to make your chat a bit more fun with the hidden Skype smileys? NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW !!!!!! Skype has released...

11th Apr 2014

Facebook Marketeers, You Been Warned – Facebook New Feed Punishes Pages That Ask For Likes or Share

You’re not clever enough to fool Facebook. Asking users to “Like this post!”, sharing the same link or photo over and over, or bait-and-switching people with links to ad-filled sites...

30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself. #10 Is An Absolute Must.

Marc and Angel, two passionate writers, life-hackers and “admirers of the human spirit,” have come up with an amazing list of 30 things to stop doing to yourself. If you like their...

24th Mar 2014

What Facebook Is Doing to Your Brain Is Kind of Shocking.

In a world where we collect friends like stamps, there’s actually a connection between using social media and being lonely. I was shocked at 0:40. My jaw dropped at 2:20....

Lost In Life? Here list of people who took indirect path to success

23rd Mar 2014

Fun Infographic – If Google, Facebook And Microsoft were countries, this what it looks like on a map

From graphic designer Martin Vargic comes the most detailed map of the Internet known to man. This fascinating, ultra-high-resolution fictional map represents the online world and various technology companies with...

21st Mar 2014

Google Public DNS hijacked for 22 minutes

Google Public DNS Server Traffic Hijacked Sunday, March 16, 2014 by Mohit Kumar   The Internet is becoming a dangerous place day-by-day and especially for those innocent web users who...

21st Mar 2014

Probably Something Singapore Can Learn From – Why Japan Trains Are Very Punctual

This is a documentary by Discovery Channel on Japan metro network and how it is being operated as well as maintained. Very interesting. Probably Singapore operators might want get some...

19th Mar 2014

Seattle City Council Limits The Number Of Uber / Lyft / Sidecar on the roads – Will Singapore Govt Follow Suit?

Not a good news for Uber, Lyft and Sidecar in Seattle U.S as the city council imposed limits of number of cars to 150 on the road providing ride-sharing services...

19th Mar 2014

Should You Quit Your Job – This chart will help you.

Source: BBC

18th Mar 2014
samsung s5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Official Hands On Video

Source: Samsung Youtube Channel

13th Mar 2014
Facebook Singapore Office

Facebook Singapore Office

Here hows the Facebook Singapore office looks like on the inside. Check out the video! Don’t you wish your office is as cool as this too! Here’s a peek of...

07th Mar 2014

Bitcoin First Women CEO Of A Startup Company Committed Suicide in Singapore

Yahoo7 Finance/Facebook – Bitcoin exchange First Meta CEO Autumn Radtke By Rujun Shen and Saeed Azhar SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Singapore police are investigating the apparent suicide of a 28-year-old American...

28th Feb 2014

There is Internet, heard of Outernet yet?

If you are reading this THN Article, then you are the one of those lucky guys who has access to the Internet, but everyone is not as lucky as you....

28th Feb 2014
bitcoin atm in singapore

Bitcoin ATM In Singapore – The First in The World!

Amid the probe by FBI after Japan’s MT Gox shutdown, Singapore firm Tembusu launches its first customizable Bitcoin ATM. Tembusu Terminals Pte set up what may be Singapore’s first automated...

27th Feb 2014

Here is why Singtel made such a desperate call to regulators to have rights to charge OTT like Whatsapp / Skype / Viber / WeChat

When Singtel CEO calls regulators to give operators like Singtel the rights to charge over-the-top (OTT) free service like Whatsapp and Skype, that could also actually mean free service like...

27th Feb 2014

Github releases Atom, a text-editor for coders

Github today took the wraps off a new text editor named Atom. The company has been working on Atom for over six years and has made the new editor available...

27th Feb 2014
singtel whatsapp

Singtel Will Soon Charge For All That Whatsapp Use?

At the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, SingTel chief executive Sock Koong Chua has urged regulators to give carriers like Optus the right to charge rivals such as WhatsApp...

26th Feb 2014
singtel chief

SingTel chief calls for right to charge OTT challengers Skype and WhatsApp

Is she joking? As a telco, with that massive infrastructure and fundings, if you fail to innovate then don’t put the blame on creative innovators for your lost. Instead of...