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11th Aug 2014

Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 Jelly Bean with Adobe Flash

Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 Jelly Bean with Adobe Flash Some browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera Mini doesn’t support Flash on your Android device. So far, Mozilla Firefox, Dolphin,...

28th Jul 2014
linux tux logo

Common Tar Command Tutorial with 10 Practical Examples

On Unix platform, tar command is the primary archiving utility. Understanding various tar command options will help you master the archive file manipulation. In this article, let us review various...

26th Jul 2014
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scp different ssh port

scp different ssh ports (one or two different ports) You can use ~/.ssh/config to specify the ports to use for the hosts (and for setting many other nice things; check...

25th Jul 2014

5 Best Uploading PHP Script Free / Opensource / Freemium

There are many file uploading/hosting scripts available in the internet. Today i have collected 5 best open source file hosting scripts that can help you create a file hosting service...

16th Jul 2014
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Rsync Examples (Linux Command)

HowTo Use rsync For Transferring Files Under Linux or UNIX How do you install and use rsync to synchronize files and directories from one location (or one server) to another...

27th Jun 2014

Xen Server console to vm via command line / CLI

How to get console on linux domU with XenServer (xm console equivlent) Besides the gui/vnc con­soles you can still use the equiv­lent of xm con­sole in Cit­rix XenServer. On the...

26th Jun 2014

Setting up network alias in BSD (openBSD / freeBSD)

FreeBSD Find the Interface Set a Temporary IP Alias Set a Permanent IP Alias Remove an IP Alias OpenBSD Find the Interface Set an IP Alias Make the IP Alias...

19th Jun 2014
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Postfix empty / delete all mail queue command line

Empty Postfix Mail Queue This command will delete one specific email from the mailq (taken from the postsuper man page) mailq<br /><br /> | tail +2 | grep -v ‘^...

17th Jun 2014
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How to delete million of files on busy Linux servers (rm -f *: Argument list too long)

How to delete million of files on busy Linux servers (rm -f *: Argument list too long) If you try to delete more than 131072 of files on Linux with...

14th Jun 2014

Ubuntu source (sources.list) generator

Source list generators for Ubuntu. Apt sources.list generator  

11th Jun 2014

Over 2000 computers in Singapore infected by “Gameover Zeus”, here is how you can test your PC if it’s infected

BREAKING: 2,000 users in Singapore affected by the computer viruses Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker malware: IDA   Users can test by simply visiting a Web page if their computers...

10th Jun 2014

Ipv6 Tunnel on OpenVZ VPS

You can get IPv6 connectivity using a tunnel, if you don’t have native IPv6 support. Doing this is pretty straightforward if you have a dedicated server or a KVM VPS....

24th May 2014

What is the best time to post, pin or tweet – Infographic

Interesting infographic from BizEpic, do you agree?      

21st May 2014
metrognome iphone

Hate that default Iphone tones? You Got To Listen to @itsMetroGnome Remix!

Got bored of that Iphone default ringtone? Well @itsMetroGnome has just turn it into and awesome remix and its gaining popularity around the web. You can also download the remix...

21st May 2014

USD50 gift card from Etoro to try out their search and copy trade function!

I got an email from Etoro with gift card link of USD50 to just try out their search and copy trade function. Etoro gives out quite number of gift cards...

20th May 2014

World’s Highest Paid Leaders – Infographic

World highest paid leaders / politician

18th May 2014
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Low End Box Script For Small VPS

Pretty neat collection of low end box script to get most out of your low end vps / box. Minimal intial setup, performance tweaking, mysql tuning, apache / nginx optimal tuning,...

16th May 2014
al jazeera singapore shaming

Why can’t Singapore get enough of internet public shame?

Is Singapore’s internet shaming the social media version of public caning? People are snapping photos of what they see as bad behaviour and uploading those images to popular “citizen journalism”...

14th May 2014
quitbit smart internet lighter

Quitbit – The smart lighter that helps you to quit smoking

Yeah, you saw it right. Its a lighter and it is suppose to help you quit smoking. With the Quitbit smart lighter you can track your smoking, set custom reduction...

14th May 2014

Xenserver force pool master and/or recover slaves

xenserver force pool master / recover slaves Currently, these changes can not be performed from XenCenter so you will have to use the command line. First, you have a pool...