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22nd Feb 2016
linux desktop

Suppressing Apache 2.x ServerName error on restart

Apache 2.2 / 2.4 error message on reloading / restarting server [crayon-574d7d37078ff907702059/] Solution: This can be overcome by two way. Add [crayon-574d7d3707913047961335-i/] as the last line in [crayon-574d7d370791c901787010-i/] file. Create...

18th Feb 2016

Faulty Update From Microsoft, “KB3126446” Puts Windows 7 /8.1 In A Reboot Loop

Microsoft’s KB3126446 update for Windows 7 /8.1 makes PCs and Laptops go in a reboot loop Botching up updates has become a habit for Microsoft and its engineers. The new update, KB3126446...

18th Feb 2016

Awesome Free Cloning Software Open Source

Cloning is nothing but the copying of the contents of a server hard disk to a storage medium (another disk) or to an image file. Disk cloning is quite useful...

16th Feb 2016
sg gov tender unlimited changes

Singapore Gebiz Government Tender – Unlimited Changes

Speechless. Unlimited changes = Unlimited budget ? #SmartNation How on earth can the creative industry in Singapore spur with such mentality up in the air?! Comments comments

15th Feb 2016
cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists

PPTP VPN for Virtualbox Guest – NAT Network / Host-Only Connections

You can check out the guide below or an alternative guide that uses NAT Network for PPTP / GRE VPN connections in Virtualbox guest machines. PPTP VPN connections from VirtualBox...

15th Feb 2016
python script logo

Python Host-Only DHCP Boot Up Script

I had an annoying problem with VirtualBox and host-only networking on a Linux guest. I wanted to use a “real” DHCP server for address allocation on some of the host-only...

15th Feb 2016
cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists

Create a NAT for VirtualBox Host Only Network

VirtualBox does a fairly good job with the built in NAT feature on the virtual network device. But there are some drawbacks:  You can’t easily monitor the network on the...

15th Feb 2016
bash script

Firewall Bash Script – Iptables

A little useful script for your iptables firewall. [crayon-574d7d37099fa033886273/]     Comments comments

14th Feb 2016
Girls Who Hit Guys That Didn’t Expect To Get Punched Back

Girls Who Hit Guys That Didn’t Expect To Get Punched Back

Feminism -the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. If you are getting punched in the face, what are you suppose to...

11th Feb 2016
google bans flash

Google bans Flash

With the advancements in HTML5 adoption, it is about time that we see Flash goes away. Google now bans flash on its advertising platforms. Google had also joined the path...

10th Feb 2016
fxopen review

FXOpen Forex Partnership Referral Affiliate Programs

There is a lot of CFDs / Forex brokers out there but not many of them offers generous partnership / affiliate / referral program like FXopen does. FXopen has been...

09th Feb 2016

Fix Windows MBR / Boot Sector

Fix Windows MBR You can use system recovery tools to fix most of your computer problems. However, there are times when you’ll need to address such issues in a manual...

07th Feb 2016
sell tickets online and earn

Sell event tickets online and earn

Get people to sell event tickets online and earn. Or promote their tickets online and earn. Easy steps. Below are the quick snap details of how you can sell event...

06th Feb 2016

Force Apt-Get to use IPv4 or IPv6 on Ubuntu or Debian

Here is a quick tip on how to force your apt-get to use ipv4 or ipv6 only In this guide, we will configure [crayon-574d7d370a833602074058-i/] to use only IPv4 or IPv6. This guide targets Ubuntu 14.04...

03rd Feb 2016
seagate class action lawsuit

Seagate class action lawsuit over defective hard drives

Seagate class action lawsuit over defective hard drives Consumers aren’t happy with the reliability of Seagate’s hard drives, filing a class-action lawsuit against the company in the U.S. District Court...

03rd Feb 2016
Solus Project Linux

Linux Desktop Environment – LXDE vs XFCE vs Unity vs Gnome

Desktop Environment for Linux In Linux, there are so many choices, and this includes the desktop environments and window managers. The most popular desktop environments in Linux areGNOME, Unity, Cinnamon, MATE, KDE,...

30th Jan 2016
how much a webcam girl earns?

How much a webcam girl earns? Some reportedly racks up to USD1million a year!

How much a webcam girl earns? How much a web cam girl earns? Official reports and surveys mentioned that they can potentially rack up to USD1million a year. So, if...

30th Jan 2016
cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists

Cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists (UUID)

cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists Today I decided to move my vdi files to another partition. I get something like – cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists...

25th Jan 2016
optimizing wordpress speed

Optimizing WordPress Speed & Performance

Optimizing WordPress Speed & Performance Here is my quick tip to optimize your wordpress speed and performance on any linux virtual (VPS) / dedicated servers. I also used several SEO...

24th Jan 2016

Ubuntu usb persistent more than 4gb

The current Unix USB Installers (e.g. LinuxPenDrive) create a persistent file on the boot partition together with the other files needed for booting. This boot partition is formatted with FAT32...