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19th Oct 2016
linux desktop

Establishing a Hardened Syslog Log Server

Maintaining a reliable and secure repository of logs is important for many reasons: establishing a foresnic trail of evidence in the case of fraud or attack, and enabling event correlation...

12th Sep 2016

Hard Truth About Trading

Before you continue, you must know the truth about trading… As they say… the truth hurts. Are you ready? Truth #1 — You need money to make money Forget about...

12th Sep 2016

Forex Retail Trader’s tools – charts, intraday data, analysis, news

If you’re new to trading, or have been trading for a while now… …then you’ll agree with me when I say: “There’s a ton of trading tools out there. How...

29th Aug 2016
polyphasic sleep hack

How to hack your sleep – Polyphasic – Alternative Sleep Schedules Could Save You 20 Years Normally Spent In Bed

I thought i have sleep troubles. Even thought of getting those sleeping pill prescription at one point but then i realize maybe it is not a problem after all. I...

08th Aug 2016
pokemon gps location hack

Pokemon Go GPS Location Hack

Pokemon GPS Hack – A strange thing is happening: there are people, groups of people even, walking the streets day and night staring wide-eyed at their mobile phones and laughing...

14th Jul 2016

How to install X2Goserver on Ubuntu 14.04 Linux Remote Desktop

This installation guide has been tested in 12.04, 14.04 and 16.04 LTS and working.   This document describes how to use X2Goserver as an alternative of VNC. I will install...

23rd Jun 2016
myconnection sg app

How fast are the SG telco network in your area – App

Ever interested how are the telco’s 4G network performing around Singapore or in your area ? Check out [email protected] and do download the MyConnection App. Conclusion As we can see...

11th Jun 2016

OpenVPN IP Alias

Digital Ocean introduced floating IP addresses a while ago and combined with yesterday’s announcement that the UK is now going to record all of our traffic “for one year”, I...

11th Jun 2016

Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet

Subnet Mask Cheat Sheet See also RFC 1878. Addresses Hosts Netmask Amount of a Class C /30 4 2 1/64 /29 8 6 1/32 /28 16 14

04th Jun 2016

Force apt-get to use IPv4 or IPv6 only

In this guide, we will configure [crayon-580f5e3126f3a068815968-i/] to use only IPv4 or IPv6. This guide targets Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian Jessie, but may work for newer versions as well. Fast...

22nd Feb 2016
linux desktop

Suppressing Apache 2.x ServerName error on restart

Apache 2.2 / 2.4 error message on reloading / restarting server [crayon-580f5e3127395600413677/] Solution: This can be overcome by two way. Add [crayon-580f5e312739b467870875-i/] as the last line in [crayon-580f5e312739e523614612-i/] file. Create...

18th Feb 2016

Faulty Update From Microsoft, “KB3126446” Puts Windows 7 /8.1 In A Reboot Loop

Microsoft’s KB3126446 update for Windows 7 /8.1 makes PCs and Laptops go in a reboot loop Botching up updates has become a habit for Microsoft and its engineers. The new update, KB3126446...

18th Feb 2016

Awesome Free Cloning Software Open Source

Cloning is nothing but the copying of the contents of a server hard disk to a storage medium (another disk) or to an image file. Disk cloning is quite useful...

16th Feb 2016
sg gov tender unlimited changes

Singapore Gebiz Government Tender – Unlimited Changes

Speechless. Unlimited changes = Unlimited budget ? #SmartNation How on earth can the creative industry in Singapore spur with such mentality up in the air?! Comments comments

15th Feb 2016
cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists

PPTP VPN for Virtualbox Guest – NAT Network / Host-Only Connections

You can check out the guide below or an alternative guide that uses NAT Network for PPTP / GRE VPN connections in Virtualbox guest machines. PPTP VPN connections from VirtualBox...

15th Feb 2016
python script logo

Python Host-Only DHCP Boot Up Script

I had an annoying problem with VirtualBox and host-only networking on a Linux guest. I wanted to use a “real” DHCP server for address allocation on some of the host-only...

15th Feb 2016
cannot register hard disk virtualbox already exists

Create a NAT for VirtualBox Host Only Network

VirtualBox does a fairly good job with the built in NAT feature on the virtual network device. But there are some drawbacks:  You can’t easily monitor the network on the...

15th Feb 2016
bash script

Firewall Bash Script – Iptables

A little useful script for your iptables firewall. [crayon-580f5e3127ba3427711356/]     Comments comments

14th Feb 2016
Girls Who Hit Guys That Didn’t Expect To Get Punched Back

Girls Who Hit Guys That Didn’t Expect To Get Punched Back

Feminism -the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. If you are getting punched in the face, what are you suppose to...

11th Feb 2016
google bans flash

Google bans Flash

With the advancements in HTML5 adoption, it is about time that we see Flash goes away. Google now bans flash on its advertising platforms. Google had also joined the path...